Secret to Success: Footwear Design Director Salehe Bembury

An industry insider gives insight into the world of footwear design and how he found his dream job In the world of men’s footwear you’re probably familiar with major brands such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok. However, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, there is an innovative startup that completely disrupts the traditional method of putting stylish shoes on your feet — and appropriately — they’re called "Greats." The supply chain of Greats eliminates the wholesale/retailer aspect of traditional s

Secret to Success: Mediabrands Publishing Senior Art Director Andrew Miller

“My job is to make art and every single day I’m learning new techniques. It’s a dream” Whether you enjoy or abhor advertising, its impact on our society is undeniable. “Just Do It.” The Absolut Bottle. Apple’s 1984 commercial. All of these are simply efforts by corporations to get you to buy a product. However, in their creation they employ some of the most talented people in the world to articulate ideas that seduce, entertain and even scandalize. However, throughout this creative process the

Secret to Success: Director of Analytics for Plated, Nick Director

Secret to Success: Director of Analytics for Plated, Nick Director “You have to love numbers and living in the data. You have to be able to tell that story of numbers." Like many busy people our age, a trip to the supermarket usually means grabbing subpar foodstuffs you’ll haphazardly throw into a wok in the hopes something edible will emerge. Yet, deep down inside you know there’s a better way to satiate your hunger. And so do the people at Plated is a food delivery service that s